"Team, we need to step up in the next challenge!" - Pom-Pom
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"Everyone good on what the plan is?"
- Whoopee Cushion asking his team if they understand their plan in "No Faith for Fatalities"
Whoopee Cushion is a contestant currently competing in Brawl for Object Palace.

Character Overview Edit

Whoopee Cushion is one of the nicer competitors, and is somebody who uses his team captain status as a badge. He leads the Loveable Toots and manages the team. Although, he has a bad side to him, which shows when he's around Raindrop, or if he's insulted. Otherwise, he has helped his team most of the time, although most of the time his team has struggled to win challenges.

Coverage Edit

Brawls, Falls, and Withdrawals Edit

He was team captain and he got bullied by Raindrop.

Not-so Wild Hippies Edit

He was in the bottom 3.

Dunes of Raccoons Edit

Half of Whoopee Cushion's air got deflated.

No Faith for Fatalities Edit

His team won the challenge.

Vote History Edit

Episode Likes Dislikes
"Not-so Wild Hippies" 26 5
"No Faith for Fatalities" 76 76
TOTAL: 102 81