"Hey Whoopee Cushion, I bet i could poke you harder than you could poke me!"

- Raindrop's first line in "Brawls, Falls, and Withdrawals"

Raindrop is a contestant who had competed in Brawl for Object Palace. He ranks in at 18th place.

Character Overview Edit

Raindrop is a snarky, rude tough guy, who wants all of the attention. He is labeled as a "Screentime Hogger" mostly due to the amount of screen time he received in Episode 1. Other than that, he also doesn't care for the being of other contestants. He also has a huge hatred for Whoopee Cushion in particular.

Coverage Edit

Brawls, Falls, and Withdrawals Edit

At the start of the episode, he is seen having an argument with Whoopee Cushion, about a "poking contest" and pokes a hole in him as a result. afterwards, he is picked on to WC's team out of "pure luck." During the first challenge, he gets disqualified from the contest very quickly due to killing Whoopee Cushion for the millionth time.

Not-so Wild Hippies Edit

He is first seen insulting people at the start of the episode, particularly Snorty Pig, as Raindrop had stated he was "rambling on" about his "Mother." Afterwards, once the Space Blasting session starts, People complain how Raindrop is getting too much screetime (yeah, that got irritating really quickly.) After rambling on, it is revealed that he is eliminated with 37 total votes. after ranting on for a bit, he is eliminated from the game.