"It's not what you think it is! oh-ho don't you worry!"

- Pearl Pen's Audition Line from This Video.
Pearl Pen is a contestant currently competing on Brawl for Object Palace.

Character Overview Edit

Pearl Pen is a hyper-fan girl, particularly towards Pen. (from BFB) What she doesn't know, is that she is also secretly Pen's supposed long lost sister. Due to her hyper attitude, she doesn't help too much in terms of challenges.

Coverage Edit

Brawls, Falls, & Withdrawals Edit

She is first introduced talking about nothing but her supposed "Brother" (Being Pen from BFDI) with Raindrop then coming in and telling her that nobody cares about her "brother" in the slightest.

Not-so Wild Hippies Edit

During the beginning of the episode, she is seen Dancing around rooting for pen in her team's Storage area, and is caught in the middle of her "dance" of hers. She then dashes off, trying to seal up her cover.

Dunes of Raccoons Edit

Pearl Pen is seen feeding a raccoon, with a set of "Raccoon Bites" she has, shaped after Pen. Unsurprisingly, she gets killed in the process due to it.

No Faith for Fatalities Edit

While Cannon and Cello were talking, she came into the picture and stated how she was gonna win the game for her "brother" once again. Cannon then interrupts her, and baits her into seeing her "brother" killing her in the process, as she had ran off a cliff.

For most of the episode, Pearl Pen didn't do too much. although, Daisy ended up finding her corpse during the middle of the challenge, and called out Cannon for killing her.

After Cello's team failed to revive her, Whoopee Cushion's team fully managed to recover her in the process, thanking WC himself in particular, and goes back to her own team afterwards.