Episode 3, titled "No Faith for Fatalities" is the third episode of Brawl for Object Palace.

Synopsis Edit

"After a discussion, and a loss, will WC's team stand a chance to finally overthrow the victory streak of Cello's team?"

Before Intro Edit

After some commotion with their team, Whoopee Cushion & Pom-Pom discuss a strategy with their team in order to win the next challenge, and also to find where Snorty Pig has gone. Plasma Ball volunteers to find him, and goes searching around the forest.

Before Elimination Edit

Meanwhile, while Cannon and Cello are bragging about their two consecutive victories, Pearl Pen barges in and goes on about winning for her "brother" resulting in Cannon deciding to trick her, killing her in the process. After checking throughout the forest, Plasma Ball comes back to his team with only some Strips of Bacon, which Pom-Pom figures out could be Snorty Pig's remains, and rushes to tell Blueprint. After given notice of Snorty Pig's death, Palm Tree attempts to recover him, but his last Recovery Pencil breaks, and decides what the new challenge will be. After Plasma Ball questions how Palm Tree (referred to as Hammer in this case) looks, and commences the elimination.

The Space Blasting Session Edit

At the Space Blasting Arena, it is revealed that there were a total of 1,017* votes cast, with 4-Ball winning the prize, and Snorty Pig being eliminated with a new record of 177 dislikes.

Contestant Likes Percentage
4-Ball 108 21.86%
Whoopee Cushion 76 15.38%
Kiwi 74 14.97%
Plasma Ball 67 13.56%
Trampoline 59 11.94%
Pom-Pom 43 8.70%
Dish Soap 42 8.50%
Snorty Pig 25 5.06%
TOTAL 494 100%
Contestant Dislikes Percentage
Kiwi 22 4.21%
4-Ball 27 5.17%
Plasma Ball 46 8.81%
Trampoline 48 9.19%
Pom-Pom 51 9.77%
Dish Soap 75 14.36%
Whoopee Cushion 76 14.55%
Snorty Pig 177 33.90%
TOTAL 522 100%

Challenge Explanation Edit

Once everyone returns, Blueprint tries, and fails, to explain what the challenge is since Palm Tree unexpectedly comes back, revealing that the challenge is to build a Recovery Center. Saying that the teams can build any type of recovery center they want. and that they will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

The Challenge Edit

Challenge Results Edit

After the Results Reveal Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode of the series to be written by more than one person, with TheWuggleJack being the co-writter for this episode. He is also planning to help write future episodes.
  • This episode had the longest production time of any episode, taking 1 year and 3 months to complete.
  • Originally, a different challenge entirely was planned for this episode, but was changed before writing began.
  • Whoopie Cushion got the same amount of likes and Dislikes

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