"I'll be the first to admit, that's a good amount!"

- Kiwi's response to the amount of votes gotten in "No Faith for Fatalities"
Kiwi is a character currently competing in Brawl for Object Palace.

Character Overview Edit

Kiwi is a pessimistic genius, always being skeptical of how things'll go when someone suggests something. When he's needed, he's typically very helpful, as he states he has the most "clever" mind of his team. As revealed in Episode 2b, he is said to be smarter than Golf Ball of BFDI.

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Not-so Wild Hippies Edit

Dunes of Raccoons Edit

No Faith for Fatalities Edit

Vote History Edit

Episode Likes Dislikes
"Not-so Wild Hippies" 2 4
"No Faith for Fatalities" 74 22
TOTAL: 76 24

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