Episode 2 (Part 2), Titled "Dunes of Raccoons" is the Second Part to the Second episode of Brawl for Object Palace.

Plot Edit

As the contestants head into a forest, they are forced to feed raccoons under their will to satisfy them. While doing so, they face many struggles to feed them. Resulting in the killing of numerous contestants, and a second victory for The Powerful Strings, Putting WC's team UFE again. after the voting screen, hammer was standing next to blueprint saying he was sweating so much, to which blueprint replied it was only 58 degrees, then hammer said it was time to take off his suit, to which blueprint looked confused. then hammer took off his disquise and explaining he was a palm tree and how he wanted to hide his identity, before blueprint fainted.

Reception Edit

As of May 2018, The episode has a mostly positive like-to-dislike ratio, but people still (reasonably) criticized the episode for it's bad writing, and lackluster voice work.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is first episode of the series completed in under a 6 month-timespan.
  • Originally, there was going to be a scene showing Snorty Pig feeding a raccoon, and getting killed. This was scrapped due to production issues and time constraints.

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