"Team, we need to step up in the next challenge!" - Pom-Pom
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"And...and I think I just found myself a new Love-bug!"
- Dish Soap's Line after the challenge concludes in "No Faith for Fatalities"
Dish Soap is a contestant currently competing in Brawl for Object Palace.

Character Overview Edit

Dish Soap is an attention hog, and is desperate to get a girlfriend for his own personal benefit. Although, even with his numerous attempts, he has currently failed to get a girlfriend. He practically goes from one crush to another, sometimes in the blink of an eye.

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No Faith for Fatalities Edit

Vote History Edit

Episode Likes Dislikes
"Rebrand 2016" 1 1
"Rebrand 2017" 42 75
"Rebrand 2019" TOTAL: 43 76

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