"You still are one tough sweet spot," Edit

- Cannon, in response to Accordion Folder beating her up.

Cannon is a contestant currently competing in Brawl for Object Palace.

Character Overview Edit

Cannon is a tomboy, and is tough. She is known to be someone who gets angry pretty easily, insulting people and threatening to shoot cannon balls at them when she does inevitably reach her "breaking point."

While as she has not done too much to help her team, she does help when it is sincerely needed.

Coverage Edit

Brawls, Falls, & Withdrawals Edit

Initially, she is seen conversing with her "allies" (Being Corn Puff & Cello)

Not-so Wild Hippies Edit

When Accordion Folder is placed on her team, she complains about their team getting "another bland character", and calls out Bouncy in the process, stating "Isn't she bland enough?" Then, after showing her skill, Cello says to her that he could be a good helping hand to the team, although, Cannon states that AC's talents aren't very amusing, with cello then contradicting that statement, enraging her in the process. She ends up slapping cello after getting "disproven"

Dunes of Raccoons Edit

While as she is not seen doing too much during this episode, she does agree with what Cello states (saying Pearl Pen deserved to be killed) In the end, she ended up being one of the only two members to survive on her team.

No Faith for Fatalities Edit

After Cello makes a statement about their team "killing it" Cannon ends up agreeing without a doubt, stating that their team could keep winning forever. After Pearl Pen comes into the conversation, she calls her out, saying that no one asked for her opinion on their team's consecutive victories. After being whispered to, Cannon decides to trick Pearl Pen into running off a cliff, and kills her in the process. Meanwhile, when the challenge starts, she states that her team should build a "weapon-styled" recovery center, and also states that it won't kill the contestants again. (when it actually ends up being the complete opposite) Eventually, she ends up getting called out for killing Pearl Pen by Daisy, but ends up insulting Apple Juice after he states that he "would have expected" her to do it, and calls him a "dumb surfer".

Once the challenge ends, she is pinned for how badly her team's recovery center ended up being. She ends up telling Accordion Folder to shut up.