"Brawls, Falls, and Withdrawals" Is the first episode of Brawl for Object Palace.

Plot of this Episode Edit

On a normal day, a bunch of objects are sitting around with nothing to do. However, a traveling host named Hammer finds them when one of the competitors, Whoopee Cushion, randomly flies into him, and Hammer then tells them about this grand palace that he's giving away, as he didn't find anyone else who wanted the palace. So he starts a competition show in favor of this.

After all of the competitors are gathered together, the host, Hammer, explains that there are two teams, and immediately picks two random people to be Team Captains. The first challenge is announced once the teams are determined, in which the challenge was to gather up litter all over the ground. however, lots of arguments occur during it, causing the first loss for Whoopee Cushion's team "The Loveable Toots" to be voted upon by the viewers.

Trivia Edit

  • The audio for the episode was recorded in February of 2015, while the actual animation progress started in March of that same Year.
  • The episode was originally planned to be much longer, but the overall episode ended up being under 6 minutes long.

Feedback Edit

Once the episode was released, it didn't turn out to well, even though some of the viewers liked the episode, the overall reception was either mixed to negative. People criticized the episode for having a badly written story, rushed animation, and terrible voice acting. A few months after the episode was released, Tile is Kuel, another person who makes object content, placed episode one at Number 9 on his "Top 10 worst object shows list" however, the creator of BFOP realized these mistakes and would make sure to improve upon everything in the second episode.

People who Helped Work on the Episode Edit

Animators: Edit

  • RedBreloom
  • ToonEugen6812

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