Blueprint is the Co-Host of Brawl for Object Palace.

Coverage Edit

Brawls, Falls, & Withdrawals Edit

Blueprint only makes a brief appearance at the end of the episode, nothing else.

Not-so Wild Hippies Edit

Blueprint is seen helping hammer to test out the next challenge. When he tries to feed a raccoon, he gets attacked, and is killed. He is then revived thanks to Palm Tree's recovery pencil. He then states that the challenge seems good enough to be done. He then introduces two new contestants into the game. (those being Accordion Folder and Trampoline)

Not too much is seen from him later on in the episode, except for wondering where Hammer is, and then getting an anti-climatic surprise of him being right in front of him.

Dunes of Raccoons Edit

When the signal is lost for the monitor they are using to watch the challenge, He wants to fix the monitor on his own. Although, Palm Tree says he'll be able to do it at first, but then Blueprint asks him why he never gets to do things. finally, when he is sent to fix the monitor, it turns back on, and he states "no worries!" In the scene after the voting screen, Blueprint was standing next to hammer. Hammer exclaimed he was sweating so much, to which blueprint replied''its only 58 degrees out here'' before hammer took off his disquise and blueprint fainted.

No Faith for Fatalities Edit