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"Aquatic Arrogance, This is serious!" - Whoopee Cushion
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"Team, we need to step up in the next challenge!" - Pom-Pom
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"Aquatic Arrogance" is an upcoming episode of Brawl for Object Palace. It is currently slated to release in late 2018.

Progress Updates Edit

- Episode Progress as of 6/2/18: Edit

- Writing: 100% Done
- Voice Acting: 100% Done
- Audio Editing: 100% Done
- Animation: 0% Done

Trivia Edit

  • This will be:
    • The first episode where Cello's team loses a member.
  • This episode will feature numerous new voice actors for certain characters.
  • Based upon the thumbnail, it can be possible that this episode's challenge has to do with water.
  • This is the first episode in which MasterOfPyro Assisted with writing.
  • If this episode were to release anytime before Mid-October, This episode would have the shortest production time of any episode.

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