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"4-Ball, I'm not as useless as you may think!" - Accordion Folder
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"Gee, what could you possibly have in mind?"
- 4-Ball, in response to Plasma Ball's statement in "No Faith for Fatalities"
4-Ball is a contestant currently competing on Brawl for Object Palace.

Personality Edit

4-Ball is known as one of the "Easily Irritated" ones of the group. she’s unimpressed with everything everyone does. And she also HATES guys. Especially the ones that try to get along with her. Dish Soap is the most obvious one of the group. 4-Ball also hates anything that has to do with education, mostly because she finds it Extremely boring and says "There's no point to being educated in the first place"

Coverage Edit

Brawls, Falls, and Withdrawals

Not-so Wild Hippies

Dunes of Raccoons

No Faith for Fatalities

Vote History Edit

Episode Likes Dislikes
"Not-so Wild Hippies" 1 0
"No Faith for Fatalities" 108 27
TOTAL: 109 27

Gallery Edit